A wide range of sealed inflatable event tents - ideal for outdoor events

BLACKHAWK's event tents are extremely popular with exhibitors at all kinds of promotional events and the chances are that you will have already seen an BLACKHAWK's tent and probably also been in one too!

BLACKHAWK's event tents are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes providing from 10 to 125 m2 of floor area. They have the advantages of being quickly inflated - typically in less than 10 minutes, and not requiring a continuous power supply for the fan. Once inflated the structure is sealed by the non-return valve...







The highly customisable nature of all BLACKHAWK's event tents doesn't stop at the wide selection of designs, shapes and sizes available.

All BLACKHAWK's event tents can be supplied in a wide variety of colours, or they can be dye sublimation printed to match any colour that you specify. Your logo, strap line and any message can be printed on any, or all of the walls, the roof and even the visor of your event tent.

Let your imagination run wild and create a stunning presence with an BLACKHAWK's event tent - only available though Ingenious Inflatables. Call us to answer any questions that you may have and get a no obligation quotation.
LED lighting systems can have a transformative effect on the inside of your event tent, giving your guests a spectacle to remember. As an optional extra, we can provide internal LED lighting systems on all BLACKHAWK's event tents.

Windows and Doors
All BLACKHAWK's event tents can be supplied with either a standard size transparent window, or a wide panoramic window in any wall. A zipped in door can also be provided in any wall that you specify, or the tent can be left open at the front.

A durable PVC fabric floor can be supplied for all event tents and for very rough ground you can also specify a protection ground sheet as well.