How to choose a Gazebo

Selecting a gazebo size might be a bit challenging so here are a few insights for you of the sizes we supply to different types of customers.

Most popular size for camping, backyard or any domestic usage is 3x3m gazebo, it’s easy to pack, easy to carry ,and set up is a breeze the pack-down size is about 1.6mx0.4mx0.4m.

If you need a gazebo for shows, exhibitions, club events or schools, more people need to be accommodated, you can check out the number of people can be comfortable fitted in each size,most likely you will go for 3x4.5m gazebo or 3x6m gazebobut check your stall length, the depth is usually is not a issue..

We also constantly stock some mega size gazebos, for example, 4x4m Pro Plus Alloy Gazebo is a square size, which covers 16m2 area, also 4x6m or 4x8m gazebois a popular choice for churches or some larger events, the walk in height for above three sizes are 2.2meters, which is taller than average size gazebo, the pack-down size is taller too, about 2meters tall, so get your transportation right.

If you are selecting a pop up gazebo for your local market, check out “Tops Tips: Prepare for local market”, 2.5x2.5m gazebo may be the only size you can choose, as the stall width is usually a carpark space.

Lastly, if you are considering the weight to carry, 3x3m gazebo with canopy is around 35kg, and 3x6m is around 57- 60kg, which can be easily carry away by two people in a carry bag.