Design Your Flag the RIGHT Way

The average time people pay attention to your flag is around 2 seconds, unfortunately your customer walk past & can hardly see those small size websites, emails and phone numbers. A busy designed flag can be confusing to potential customers.

So here are KEY elements to consider putting into your flag design:

Who We Are

Have your business name, or Logo printed on the flags,
as big as possible, so people can not miss you when
walking or driving past.

What We Do

Not every person knows what you do, so print
some simple product names, Example….“ Spa Pool”
“BBQs” “Furniture”, remember the simpler the better.

Special Sale

To have people come into your store, you want to
provide incentives, have some promo slogans printed
on the flags is definitely a good idea, example can be
“15% OFF Store-wide”, “Half Price Today”, you can
print multiple ones and to use them according to your
promo schedules.

Phone Number

You like to bring in calls from customer, have your 0800 number
on your flags, make numbers like “0800 furniture” instead of
“0800 658749”, as simple fact, people won’t be able to remember
numbers but they will remember a name!


Website only on flags, but we do not recommend
if your website has a long URL.

*Multiple flag scenario
(flag 1/ name flag 2 what you do / flag 3 website only)
In conclusion, flags are smart investment to your business and the results can be big. We recommend having multiple flags in front of your store with different purposes above, to give maximum exposure to people driving or walking past. By the way, flags have their shelve life, do not expect a flag to last forever, a good new looking flag can always set up positive image about your business instead of a shabby color faded one.

Feel free to contact us below for your new flags today