A pop-up gazebo can be set up on most surfaces – you require the right accessories to ensure stability depending on the type of surface you are using.

This step-by-step guided will help when setting your gazebo up on the grass

Step 1: Have 2 people standing opposite sides of gazebo holding cross bars and walk backwards till the gazebo is about 30% out.

Step 2: Place canopy over all 4 corners of gazebo frame – you can then walk out gazebo until top clips click into place

Step 3: Adjust the legs to the desired height

Step 4: Using the guy ropes – attached each rope to all 4 corners of the canopy

Step 5: Guide the ropes out on a 45% angle and secure to the ground using the supplied pegs

Extra Step – You will notice the gazebo’s feet have small holes in which you are also able to add extra pegs to secure and help the stability of the gazebo



  1. Peg and guy rope are included FREE in Blackhawk steel and alloy gazebos.
  2. Gazebo used on grass are typically pegged to the ground by a combination of both direct attachment to the gazebo canopy D-rings via guy ropes. This helps to maintain and hold the gazebo in place.
  3. Pegs provides the greatest holding ability when it is inserted into the ground, so that the point of attachment of the rope is at ground level. This minimizes the rope’s ability to apply leverage to the peg, which can loosen or pull the peg from the ground.