Running a weekend local market can be an opportunity to you for promoting your brand and products. To ensure people stop by your stand and check out your products, your stall should stand out from the crowd to get that goal. Here are the tips to make a high – visibility stall.

 1. Choosing a gazebo

 2. Choosing a good style of pop-up gazebo 

  • The logos, slogan and images can be printed on the canopy and sidewalls.
  • A fully branded pop – up gazebo will show off who you are to the customers.
  • It gain the edge over the competitors.  
  • The printed canvas colour choices are unlimited, as long as you get the right Pantone code.

 3. Presentation is everything

  • People love objects that are visually interesting.
  • They also like to touch and compare the products.
  • A beautiful set up table is a creative way to show off your products.
  • It will definitely draw more traffic.
  • Remember to label every item with your secret code.
  • You can yell out prices to customers straight away.